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ERDDAP has an email/URL subscription system so that you can be notified immediately whenever a dataset changes (for example, whenever new data is added to a near-real-time dataset).The system can send you an email or contact a URL that you specify. See also this comparison with ERDDAP's RSS subscription service.


To add a (another) subscription, please fill out this form:
The easiest way to use this form is to click on an envelope icon Subscribe on an ERDDAP web page with a list of datasets (at the far right), or on a dataset's Data Access Form or Make A Graph web page. Then, the datasetID will be filled in for you.

The datasetID:  (required)
Your email address:  (required)
The URL/action:  ? (optional)

Then, ERDDAP will send you an email with a link to validate your request.

Don't abuse this system by entering someone else's email address or a fake email address!
If you do, you may be blocked from using ERDDAP.

Or, you can request an email with a list of your valid and pending subscriptions.

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